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Living Green With Jerinda: Bio+Green Crystals Organic Household Cleaners

Bio+Green Crystals are a revolutionary set of new eco-friendly cleaners for your household. National Bio+Green Sciences lead the industry in Green household cleaning products and their great line of products show that. Their products can be used as a boost to your regular Green cleaners or on their own added to water.

When my Bio+Green Crystals arrived, I was immediately impressed. The sachet the concentrated crystal form of the cleaner was contained in was water soluble, so there was no waste there and the outer packaging is all compostable. Because of this, their compounds are waste free in addition to being non-toxic to humans, pets, or the environment.

They were also kind enough to send me a bottle to use with their sachets along with two forms of cleaners: All Purpose Cleaner and Child Safe Multi-Surface and Toy Cleaner. It was time for me to clean the daycare toys, so I used the Multi-Surface and Toy one first. Of course, I don’t have any way of knowing how well it disinfected the toys, but it seemed to work well and had no harsh chemical smell and I felt it was safe.

Later in the week, I used the All Purpose cleaner to clean my kitchen, wood dining room table, and bathroom. I was very impressed with this cleaner. Some of the scummier surfaces, such as my stove top, took a little more elbow grease but it did the job and I walked away feeling like I’d used something very safe and it did a great job. Of all the natural cleaners I’ve tried, this is by far the safest and least wasteful, and also works as well as any that I’ve tried.

You can learn more about Bio+Green Crystals and see all the products they offer on their website,

Thank you to Bio-Green for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.