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Kelley Blue Book Says 59% of Americans Hate Car Shopping

When my husband started a new job this summer that required commuting, it was apparent that we needed to buy a second car.  I could no longer drop him off at work to take the children to school, dance class, soccer practice, etc . . . Since money has been tight around here, we decided we should just buy a pre-owned car outright because we could not afford a second car payment.  At the suggestion of some friends and family, we decided to attempt finding a private seller on Craig's List before we tried to shop the smaller dealers.  Needless to say, we were both consumed with the stress of finding a decent reliable used car that was not a lemon.  We could not afford to make a mistake.

I think in the current economic state our country is in, a large percentage of people are in the same situation.  That is why I was not surprised to see the statistics behind how Americans feel about purchasing a new vehicle.  In my opinion, you really need to be well-off enough so that spending a few thousand extra dollars does not even make you blink in order to truly enjoy car shopping.

Do Americans Like Buying Cars