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Geek Review: ThinkGeek Extreme Monkey-Powered Awesomeness T-Shirt

I am not just monkey powered, and I am not just awesome, and I am certainly not just extreme....I am......EXTREME MONKEY-POWERED AWESOMENESS and people need to be warned of that. Can you imagine the mayhem that could ensue if people weren’t forewarned of this?

I love ThinkGeek. Really, ThinkGeek is the kind of company that I always imagined I would start if I wanted to own my own business. They just seem tuned into my inner (heck, outer) geek. Without exaggeration I can say they do not sell one product I would not buy. They don't pay me to say that either, they are just that awesome.

My size 3X Extreme Monkey-Powered Awesomeness Enclosed t-shirt is big and comfortable. The shirt washes well and I know I will own it for years. It needs to last for years because its job is critical. That shirt is the only thing that stands between unsuspecting civilians and my EXTREME MONKEY-POWERED AWESOMENESS!!!

Head over to ThinkGeek to check it out and to find more great gifts for geeks!

Thank you to ThinkGeek for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.