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Finding the Right Tools to Create My Own Clipart and More

I have been dabbling in graphic design for quite a few years now.  I even did blog designs on the side for extra money.  Even though I enjoyed that very much, it was far too time-consuming and I never committed 100% to it as a business.  For example, the design software I used was a free one.

Well, about a month or so ago, I started to recognize that I was missing that creative outlet.  I still do not have time to run a blog design business, but I started warming up to the idea of creating my own clipart.  It is something I can work on as little or as much as my schedule allows.  Still, I would need to have the right image editing program . . . one that would allow me to work with vectors.

Even though I no longer do blog designs for other people, I still have never paid anyone to design my own two blogs.  Since I was turned onto the idea of creating my own clipart, I have been slowly and carefully deciding what web design tools I would need to do everything I want.  I have a review coming up this Fall for a Bamboo drawing tablet that I am extremely excited to master.  The next thing is to decide if I want to purchase software that only pertains to graphics or a suite that is also a powerful photo editor that can also help me with audio production and video production editing for my blog and my YouTube channel.  There are lots of great free photo editing programs out there, but not too much to choose from for free video editors.

What would you do if you absolutely needed to purchase a powerful graphics program no matter what?  Would you make the investment for software that would be a powerful tool in more than one area or continue to use limited free software from here and from there?