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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Balance Base for Gross Motor Development

Though Quinn’s delay is in fine motor skills, it’s never a bad idea to strengthen gross motor skills. Guidecraft’s Balance Base is one way to enhance those large motor skills and keep them above par. The Balance Base is made of solid wood, so it’s very sturdy and will last for many years, and it’s double sided, for two different balancing experiences.

The solid side is a more simple balance builder, made for kids with a gross motor delay or younger children who are still developing those large motor muscles. On this side, children can space their feet all the way apart or very close together so they can practice at their comfort level.

If you flip the base over, the center is “hollow” and there are two places designed for their feet. This side of the base rocks significantly more, so it really helps strengthen the muscles and teaches children on the Autism spectrum about being aware of their bodies and learning to control them, something Quinn struggles with a lot. On the plus side though, the base never rocks enough on either side for children to fall or even feel like they’ll fall. It has a very strong center, so even though it teaches balance, it does so in a way that makes them feel secure. I am very thrilled with this base and know it will be well-loved in our home for many years.

You can purchase this and all Guidecraft’s products on their website, It retails for $60, which is a suitable price because it will truly last for many years.

Thank you to Guidecraft for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.