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Curves Invade the World of Modern Decor

Recently, my husband and I have been having the wouldn't-it-be-nice-to-move-to-a-larger-house conversation again.  Every time we get on this topic, I always start to think about how I would decorate our home if we could start over from scratch.  Although I do not dislike the mission style furniture we currently own, I would love to revisit the idea of modern decor.

Modern furniture and wall art is not what it use to be, which was lots of straight lines and right angles.  Today's designers have shown us that furniture can be rounded and still look sleek.  Some modern chairs, such as this Ball Chair, look sleek, but more importantly, they look comfortable and kid-friendly.  Even though our twins will be 5 years old soon, we still do our best to stay away from furniture with sharp corners. When I was browsing online, this Ball Chair was the one that our 7 year old son seemed to like the most, probably because it looks fun and inviting, rather than lacking in warmth, like some modern furniture.  What would be more kid-friendly than a pair of these Ball Chairs sitting by a large plush shag rug?