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Back To School 2011: Cinnamon Toast for Busy Mornings

During summer vacation, my children got a little bit spoiled as far as breakfast was concerned.  They were treated to breakfasts on weekdays that are usually reserved for the weekends during the rest of the year, such as my homemade cinnamon toast with a side of bacon or breakfast sausages.  Since I have had to turn down their cinnamon toast requests too often during busy mornings, I thought why not try the new Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread by Land O'Lakes?  After all, the key ingredients for my cinnamon toast are butter and a cinnamon and sugar mixture.

The spread looked delicious!  It was a warm cinnamon color and I could actually see cinnamon in the butter.

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We tried the Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread on freshly toasted bread and English muffins.  The results were not bad, but my children thought the taste of cinnamon outweighed any taste of sugar in the spread.  Also, my children missed the crusty coating of cinnamon and sugar that bubbled in the oven when it melted together.

For all the cinnamon-lovers out there, I think this is a great product for busy mornings.  Even though my children did not think using the spread tasted as good as our own homemade cinnamon toast, they still ate it up without protest.  The Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread would be a perfect way to add some variety to your breakfast routine of plain butter on your toast, bagel, or English muffin.

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