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Application and Content Security

Today when we think about computer security we think about our email, online shopping, or our online banking account. We also think about people gaining access to our files and data on our PC's. Of course we all use anti-virus, firewalls, and malware applications to help keep the risk as low as possible, but what happens on the other side? What are software developers doing to make the products and services we use more secure? Quite a bit actually.

Application security and content security (web) are some of the leading expenses and challenges companies face developing software for release or web consumption. The only reason cloud computing is feasible today is due to the effort and expenditures companies put into application and content security. The Internet is evolving so quickly developers need very powerful tools to help stay ahead of security if they want to be industry leaders in servicing their customers via the web. The cost of NOT ensuring absolute security could doom a company today with such reliance on the web for business.