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We Have Not Given Up on Swim Training our Children

Since our Home Owners Association decided not to open our pool this summer, our plans for teaching our children to swim during Summer 2011 have been seriously delayed.  We were not able to just walk over to the pool whenever we had an extra hour here and there.  Instead, we had to find a local pool that had hours that fit our schedule or go to the beach.

The children did get to the beach to start their swim training earlier this summer and seemed to be much more receptive to playing in the water while wearing their swim vests than they have during past visits to the beach.  They were able to go to another beach recently, but it was more of the type of beach where there is a lot of marine life.  Since the tide was suppose to be very low, we left the swim vests at home.  Well, it turned out that the water would have been perfect for swimming and we were lucky that my mother-in-law had a flotation device we could use for our daughter, who was very eager to go in the water.  She seems much more comfortable in the water than her two brothers and may be ready to use a kickboard soon.

The same weekend, my husband took our oldest son to a local pool.  He wore his Power Swimr Swim Vest and enjoyed splashing around, but he would only stay where is feet could touch the bottom of the pool.  We have not gotten to the point where we could remove some of the layers of flotation pads yet.  My husband said that his father just picked him up and threw him in the deep end when he learned to swim as a child, but I think I am too overprotective to allow that.

The summer is quickly coming to an end.  Instead of losing momentum for our daughter, I am considering finding a local pool that is open during the fall and winter where we can continue the swim training.  I would have to find a pool with reasonable rates and a schedule that works around school, soccer practices and games, and dance classes.

If you are considering swim training during the fall and winter, you may want to take advantage of SwimWays' End-of-the-Season Storewide Sale, which runs through Labor Day 2011.

Thank you to SwimWays for providing complimentary product samples for us to swim train our children this summer.