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TKD Kid Review: "Beast Friends Forever" Book Series by Nate & Vince Evans

For some students in various parts of the country, there are still two or three weeks left of summer vacation.  If your child loves to read as much as my 7 year old son does, then he or she is probably asking for more books from his or her favorite book series.  My son loves to read books from the Wimpy Kid, Encyclopedia Brown, Jigsaw Jones, and Magic Tree House series.  Now he has added a new book series to his list of favorites . . . Beast Friends Forever.

The first book in this series by Nate Evans and Vince Evans, Beast Friends Forever:  Meet the Beast, was released  last fall and the most recent book Beast Friends Forever:  The Super Swap-O Surprise! was released earlier this month.  My son seemed to really love both books and I am hoping he does not have to wait nearly another year for Book 3 to come out.

Here's what my son thought about Book 1 and Book 2 . . . 

"I loved the books.  They were great!  In Book 1, Zeke and Hannah's father is in the army and he sent them a gift with candy in it.  A little green monster snuck into the box with an amazing power.  The monster ate all the candy in the box.  When they got the gift, all the candy was gone.  When Zeke and Hannah ripped the box apart by fighting over it, they didn't notice that Otto, the little green monster, popped out of the box and landed by the table.  Then he became their pet.

My favorite part in the first book was when the bully jumped in the trash can because he was being chased by hamsters.  My favorite part of Book 2 is when Otto, the little green monster, used his "swap-o" powers to make a tree switch into a fire-breathing T-Rex.  I wonder what Book 3 will be like . . . "

Thank you to Sourcebooks for providing complimentary copies of these books for us to base this review upon.

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