Monday, August 29, 2011

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Struggling With One Twin Learning More Quickly Than the Other

As you can tell, I very much enjoy coming up with fun learning activities for my children.  I started doing this with my oldest son when he was just a toddler and we both loved it.  He is a quick learner and thrived on mastering things through both creative and traditional learning techniques.  I tried to continue the same method of teaching with our now 4.5 year old twins.  Then I hit a road block that I was not expecting . . .

It turns out that our daughter is much like her older brother.  She loves to do learning activities and picks things up very quickly.  I often only have to show her things once.  Her twin brother, however, does not pick up things very easily at all.  He is reluctant to try anything that is challenging and it has only been recently that I have figured out that I can give each twin different activities to work on without his feeling inferior.  I also had to implement a reward system in order for him to not outright have a meltdown when I mention that it is time for learning activities.

I often question if I am cut out to teach our youngest son.  He needs lots of extra attention and patience.  If I am struggling with just teaching him basic skills now, how will I be able to help him when he gets older?  I worry that he will be even more resistant to my methods.  I never imagined that I would need to look into private tutoring for my children, but it may come to that.  I wonder if he would respond better to an authority figure other than myself.

I know our son is young and everyone, including his preschool teachers, have told me that it does not matter at this age.  Still, I feel like I am failing him somehow . . .