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Silly Monkey Stories: Mrs. Who?

I forget how we got on the subject, but I was asking my husband over dinner if he remembered this old cartoon from his childhood that taught children how to spell the word "Mississippi".  It was one of those follow-the-bouncing-ball episodes.

Anyways, my husband said that he did not recall that cartoon (even after I sung it for him).  Then he started asking our children each in turn whether they could say the word "Mississippi".  Our 7 year old son said it with no problems.  Our 4 year old son said it surprisingly well.  When it was our 4 year old daughter's turn, she said proudly, "Mrs. Hippy!"  Then our oldest son spent the rest of dinnertime asking her to say "Mississippi" over and over again.  None of us ever got tired of hearing it, though, because it was just so darn cute.

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