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Geek Review: ThinkGeek Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

I love my ThinkGeek Ctrl+Alt+Del Cups!

Nothing says you are a proud geek like a set of Ctrl+Alt+Del cups. These cups are made of durable plastic and look exactly like giant Ctrl+Alt+Del keys. Turn the keys upside down and they become cups! How fun is that?

They can be used for hot or cool beverages and are dishwasher-safe. I use mine for hot coffee and do not have a problem at all holding them, even without handles. For hot liquids you hold the 8oz cup at the corners for a pain free drink.  You don't even need a coaster because you can place the hot cup onto the tray.

Show off your geekness with a set of Ctrl+Alt+Del cups. They are fun, functional, and affordable at $11.99 for the four pieces!  These would make a great gift for a co-worker, a college student, and any friend or family member who likes to express their inner geek.  Visit to learn more about this cup set or to find more fun items to geek your home.

Thank you to ThinkGeek for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.