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First Plant Based Memory Foam Mattress in the U.S.

In 2012, one of the things my husband and I need to make room for in our budget is a new mattress set.  Our once 5-star coil mattress and foundation is now 11 years old.  We have extended the life of the mattress by adding not one, but two memory foam mattress toppers to it. Now those toppers, which were not inexpensive, need to be replaced soon (at least that is what our sore backs are telling us).  Since we very much enjoyed the comfort of the memory foam toppers, it is obvious that the smart thing to do is to buy a memory foam mattress set.  We are likely to shop Amerisleep first because the cost of their mattress sets are similar to or less than 5-star rated coil mattress sets.

In addition to much more reasonably priced bedding as compared to a brand like Tempur-pedic, Amerisleep has devoted much time into being as environmentally friendly as possible.  Most of the petroleum products used to make competitor's memory foam has been replaced by natural plant based products with Amerisleep.  Amerisleep also uses biodegradable and rapidly renewing resources and its product is produced in a zero emissions chamber.  The mattress covers are also made of bamboo.  As far as I know, these are not steps that Tempur-pedic has taken as of yet to make their product and process more eco-friendly.

Aside from the price and the petroleum products, my other major concerns about purchasing memory foam bedding are how resilient the foam is, will the foam mattress cause my husband and I to feel too hot during the night, and how will this type of mattress affect my allergies to dust mites?  After researching the site, I found that Amerisleep uses rapid recovery foam, which recovers its shape up to 10x more quickly than Tempur-pedic and it is Temperature neutral memory foam so my husband and I would not feel overheated at night.  I also found that both the memory foam and bamboo covers are 100% hypoallergenic.

I should let my parents know about Amerisleep adjustable beds.  They purchased a pair of adjustable beds a few years ago and they are not entirely happy with them.

Through August 29th, Amerisleep is offering $200 off all mattresses, plus free pillows with your bedding purchase when you checkout with Code: 200OFF.  For details about this offer or to browse their full selection of bedding, visit