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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Memory Caps Game for Fine Motor Development and More

Like many kids with Asperger’s, my son Quinn has an excellent memory so activities like Memory Caps made by Guidecraft really help foster his memory. Memory Caps is a fun twist on the traditional “Memory” game featuring colored wood shapes covered by wooden caps. You pick the caps up two at a time and discover the shapes under until you find all the matches.

Quinn loves playing with the Memory Caps because he’s very good at it, and he likes things he doesn’t have to struggle with, like most children. What Quinn doesn’t know is that this activity also helps develop his fine motor skills, which he has a delay in. It also helps keep his memory very sharp and really helps develop the memory of the other children I care for, including one on the spectrum as well. Quinn loves playing this solo or with a partner, but he hates to lose, though it does teach him about being a fair winner and loser.

 The caps, board, and shapes are all made of solid wood, so they won’t be breaking down any time soon.

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You can purchase this and many other therapy products on Guidecraft’s website, This game retails for $40.

Thank you to Guidecraft for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.