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Email Large Files Up To 100MB for Free with Adobe SendNow

As someone who works from home online, I have run into the problem of not being able to send big files, such as multiple high resolution images or high definition videos, by email on more than one occasion.  I have tried using a free trial large file transfer service in the past and it was almost not worth it.  The site sent me emails daily, trying to sell me various paid services . . . emails to which I did not recall subscribing.

That is why I was so happy to discover Adobe SendNow.  This is an actual free service and not a "free trial."  Although the free service has limits, such as only being able to send one file at a time up to 100MB and having a file expiration of 7 days, it is perfect for someone like me, who only needs to send large files occasionally.  If you do need to use a service like this often, then you can upgrade to the Basic plan for $9.99/month or the Plus plan for an annual rate.  To learn more, visit