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Back To School 2011: Hello Kitty Table Lamp by Sparkle Bee

Our 4.5 year old daughter is a huge fan of Hello Kitty!  She has everything from a Hello Kitty jacket to a Hello Kitty handbag.  One thing she did not have was a Hello Kitty lamp.  Well, Sparkle Bee from Marino Adriani, a popular brand of children's and teen's electronics, happened to announce that Hello Kitty and Paul Frank will be the focus of their product line for Fall 2011.

Although this lamp would have been perfect on my daughter's desk, it was more needed on her nightstand.  Her previous lamp was battery-operated, a result of my trying to eliminate the hazards of electrical cords when she was younger, was no longer necessary.  She was more than ready to upgrade to a big girl's lamp.

It is very apparent that this Hello Kitty Lamp is well-made and sturdy.  This lamp will not likely be accidentally knocked over by our children.  The pull-chain is actually only there for aesthetic reasons.  The lamp turns on and off with the push of a button, which is much more user-friendly for a child.

This lamp can take up to a 60 watt standard light bulb, but can also be used with compact fluorescent bulbs.  The lampshade is lovely when lit up and gives off a warm light.  I also love that the lamp bears a chrome Hello Kitty insignia on the front, which adds to the perceived value of this lamp, should you be considering it for a gift.

Sparkle Bee offers many other children's electronics products, such as clock radios, telephones, boomboxes, and more.  Visit and Sparkle Bee on Facebook to view their latest products.

Thank you to Sparkle Bee for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.