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Back to School 2011: Eddie Bauer Boundary Pack Backpack

I'm not sure if all boys are the same way, but when my son finds a backpack that he likes, he will use it for as long as it stays in good condition and suits his taste overall.  A year ago, he was ready to retire his licensed character backpack and move onto a more grown up one suitable for a "big kid" such as himself.  That is why I was interested in possibly having him carry the Eddie Bauer Boundary Pack for the next few years.

The Boundary Pack is a serious backpack . . . far more than a grade school age child needs.  The site lists its capacity, which is great for the outdoorsman, but I would have known right away that it would be slightly too large for my son had I known that it was a 20" backpack.  Having said that, I think this backpack would be perfect for a middle school, high school, or college-age student.  The construction and design seems to be very well thought out to maximize organization and ease of accessibility.

The open-top pocket in the front is perfect for storing a water bottle and a hoodie.  There is a built-in padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment that would protect a 15" laptop, a netbook, an iPad, or other tablet nicely.

In the large zipper compartment on the front, there are tons of pockets for mobile phones, pens, mp3 players, and more.

There is a gusseted zippered pocket on each side of the backpack that can be stuffed with keys, as well as winter hats and gloves.  Both the back of the backpack and the padded shoulder straps are mesh to allow more air circulation on those hot days.

Some details I especially like are the extra clips that secures the straps on the front.  These can slide up and down the straps to give extra support where it is needed.  I also very much like the band that comes with the backpack to bind the excess length of strap that often hangs down from the shoulder straps.  I always have to tie them in unattractive knots for my children and Eddie Bauer's way is so much more attractive and tidy looking.

As you can see, I am going to have to keep this backpack aside for my son for a couple of years.  However, if he continues to have as many growth spurts as he has been having, then he may be able to use it as early as next year.  Once he does grow into it, I know this backpack will last him for several years if he treats it properly.

Eddie Bauer's Boundary Pack is currently on promotion for $39.95 (regularly $69.95) on  Visit their site to view the full selection of back-to-school gear and clothing.

Thank you to Eddie Bauer for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.