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Review: Rubies Deluxe Muscle Chest Child's Superman Costume

Playing dress-up is almost a daily occurrence in our house, whether it is just one child or all three taking part.  Of course we have the standard chef, fire fighter, adventurer, princess, and pirate costumes, but it's the boy's Halloween costumes that seem to be the most fun at times.

Since action figures are a big part of imaginative play for our children, even for our daughter, it is only natural that some of these licensed characters would be the most fun to dress up as.  Our youngest son just loves Iron Man.  Our daughter wants to be Wonder Girl for Halloween this year.  Our 7 year old son has wanted a Wolverine costume for over a year now.  It always seems to be sold out, so he has now turned his attention to Superman.  When he saw this Superman child costume with the molded chest muscles by Rubies, he knew that was the costume for him.  To him, this costume is even cooler than the reversible Power Rangers one he has with the padded muscles.

Although this costume looks super-cool, it did take some time for my son to become accustomed to the stiff molded chest.  He is very thin, so the chest was much wider than his own, which made it feel awkward to put his arms down by his sides.  Someone with a broader build may not have this problem.

He also did not like the feeling of the cape being around his throat.  The way this costume is designed, the cape Velcros around the front of his neck and hangs independently from the rest of the costume.  This felt very restrictive to him, so I ended up tucking the front of the cape inside the neck opening.  If Rubies ever redesigns this costume, I think it would be much more comfortable to have the cape Velcro onto the costume inside the neckline.

As far as sizing goes, my 7 year old son is wearing a size Medium (8-10), which is meant for children ages 5 to 7.  As you can see, he has room in the arms and legs to grow a bit.  The built-in boot covers, however, just fit over his size 1 sneakers.  I do not think they will stretch over a larger size shoe.

To learn more about the Deluxe Muscle Chest Child's Superman Costume, visit  This costume retails for $49.99, but is currently selling for $26.50 on this site.

Thank you to Wholesale Halloween Costumes for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.