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Review: "Always The Vampire" by Nancy Haddock

I am a sucker for vampire novels, so when I was given the opportunity to review Always the Vampire by Nancy Haddock, I jumped on the chance. In this novel, it follows vampire heroine, Cesca, as she tries to be the best maid of honor she can for her friend, Maggie. Cesca herself is a vampire princess who kicks butt but doesn’t feel she’s been living up to her vampiric duties as of late. Due to a unique supernatural disease making its rounds, many of her friends, including her lover, are falling ill and she has to deal with that as well.

First I’ll start by saying that Always the Vampire is the third book in this series and I haven’t read the other two. I wasn’t really lost, per se, but did find myself wishing I had read the other two many times.  I probably will read the first two books and return to this one after. That said, I really enjoyed diving into Cesca’s world and learning about her supernatural lifestyle. Cesca is a strong woman and a very interesting one at that, and I loved reading what this well-written novel had to say. The story itself had everything you could want if you’re a sci-fi or vampire novel lover, including romance. Cesca is a feisty vampire who makes for a great main character.

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Thank you to Penguin Group for providing a complimentary copy of this book for us to base this review upon.