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No Longer Seeing Things Clearly

Every little girl loves her Daddy.  I'm no longer a little girl, but I still adore mine. When I was little he would take my sister and I to the park to play basketball and carry me up to my bed when I fell asleep watching television on the sofa.  As an adult, he is still the best Dad to me and an even better Granddad to my children.  I doubt there is anyone in the world that cares about his family as much as my Dad does.

I admit, as every year passes, I have been thinking about my parents' mortality more and more.  They are still able to live independently for the most part, but I know that the day will come when they will need to be taken care of.  In my mind, that meant my sister and I doing their grocery shopping for them and driving them where they need to go.  It never occurred to me that my Dad would begin to lose his vision.

My Dad has been very near-sighted for as long as I can remember, something that I have inherited.  I always thought that surgery and eyeglasses would always be enough to help him see well enough.  Well, we just learned that his vision in one eye, which is currently blurry, is going to continue to worsen.

I have been thinking quite a bit about how the lives of my parents are going to change.  I have started to wonder how much my Dad will be able to see with having very nearsighted vision in only one eye.  Will he be able to read or watch television?  Will he still be able to walk the dog?  Will my parents need to put corner guards on their furniture to prevent accidents?  I have started to notice which stores and restaurants have and which do not have braille signs on their restroom doors.  Will it come to needing such things for my Dad?  I really do not know anyone who has gone through vision loss, so I feel like I will not know what my Dad will be going through or what he will need until it happens.  I wish I knew, so I can be at least somewhat prepared.