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Letters To Karen: A Happy Feeling

Dear Karen,

I know you have noticed that, from a very early age, your daughter has been a girly girl in spite of all the male influence coming from your two sons and husband.  I know your husband has noticed it too and he refuses to accept facts, such as a girl takes longer in the bathroom to get ready than a boy does.  Don't worry, he will eventually come to terms with the reality that he has a girly girl on his hands and not a tomboy.

I know you are not going out of your way to make your daughter into a pink-loving, pretty-things-adoring, tutu-wearing little girl.  So it was perfectly okay that, when you were last walking through the mall with your family and your daughter pointed and yelled out in delight, "Look!  Shoes!!", that you had a brief moment of that's-my-girl happiness inside.