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Letters To Karen: Does My Mom Read My Blog?

Dear Karen,

You know for sure that at least a small handful of your relatives read your blog, but just never leave any comments.  You seem to have been taking it for granted that your mom must be part of that group.  If she lurks on your personal Facebook page, then it only makes sense that she would do the same on your blog, right?

Well, I think it's time that you consider the possibility that your mother does not read your blog.  If she did, every time she sees you or speaks to you on the phone, she would not say to you, "Give the kids some exercises to do so they can learn something and not waste the whole summer.  Don't let them sit around and watch TV all day!"  Ummm . . . hello?!!  How many more learning activities do you have to write about before she stops saying that to you?