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Klatch Award-Winning Gourmet Coffee

I love coffee. I really do, I need to have my one cup minimum each day or I truly believe I will cease to function. As much as I love coffee, I would classify myself as having simple coffee tastes. I want the taste to be the same every single time and I get quite disappointed when I need to make a change.

Unfortunately I end up changing the coffee I drink all the time. Either it’s an availability issue or my routine changes. I cannot always keep my routine from changing, but I have found a place where I can at least get some consistency where I buy coffee. is not only a place to buy fantastic world class coffee, it’s a place where you can learn more about coffee and keep up to date with industry changes and buzz.

One thing I am a sucker for is culture and stories behind the products I buy. I love to give my business to the small guy doing something different or the family business that puts quality above everything else . . . businesses that are in business because of passion for the products they produce. One such coffee maker you can read about at is Klatch Coffee.

Klatch travels the world looking the very best coffee beans it can find; only the top 1% makes the grade. They roast their beans in small batches to maintain control and flavor. Once the bean is done they aren’t finished, they take great care to use world champion baristas to train others to brew their product to perfection.

Learn more about Klatch Coffee and others at