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Kellogg’s Breakfast in America Survey Results

It's been almost a year since a friend and I hosted a Kellogg's "Love Your Cereal" Breakfast for several of our fellow-parents.  During our mini-event, we learned about common misconceptions about breakfast cereals.  The discussion we had was quite engaging.  That is why I found some of the key findings from the recent Kellogg's Breakfast in America Survey to be quite interesting.

These are the results of the survey I found to be most relevant to families like mine and many of our readers . . . 
  • While more than half (54%) of all adults would like to eat breakfast every day, in reality only one-third (34%) actually do.
  • Nearly all moms (89%) want their kids to eat breakfast every day. However, 40 percent of moms report their child doesn’t eat breakfast daily.
  • Although moms report a desire to see their kids relax in the morning and concentrate on eating breakfast, many kids are too busy watching television, getting their homework done or getting ready for school to do so.
  • When asked about which vitamins/minerals they hoped their children obtained with breakfast, they both preferred Fiber (Mom’s 94% and Dad’s 99%). For Dad’s, the next most important was Protein (84%) and for Mom’s it is Fiber (84%)
To learn more about how ready-to-eat cereal offers a quick, nutritious, and convenient breakfast for children, especially during the school year, visit

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