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Great Deals on Women's Fashions & Home Furnishings at Bargain Jill

There has been a huge wave of "deal-a-day" websites that bring you one or even a small handful of brand name products at reduced prices for a very limited length of time.  If you like such websites, but are wondering if it is worth your time to check them all everyday just for the chance that one site may be offering something that is a good fit for you or your family, then you might want to checkout Bargain Jill, the sister site to and offers a large collection of deals, bargains, coupons, and more all in one place.  The content of this site is especially geared towards women.

I think my favorite deal found on so far is the $10 off a $10 purchase from Pier 1 Imports!  To keep up to date on all of Bargain Jill's finds, visit Bargain Jill on Facebook and Twitter.