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Fotobounce Photo Sharing & Organization Software with Face Recognition

It is very apparent that I feel comfortable sharing watermarked photos of my family on 3G2S and on Facebook.  I realize that not everyone enjoys that level of comfort when it comes to their personal photos and would much prefer private sharing.  If you fall into this category, then you might like to know about the Fotobounce software that is available to download for free to help you share and organize your photos with friends and family.

Some important features offered by the Fotobounce software:
  • You can customize your Private Network by inviting friends and family via email to become Fotobounce users (or "Bouncers").  To make this process easier, you can import contacts from your Gmail and Yahoo address books.
  • Only members of the same Private Network can view each other's encrypted photos files.
  • If you are a Facebook user, then you know what a chore tagging your photos (i.e. labeling photos with the names of those who appear in those particular photos) can be.  Fotobounce's unique face recognition ability allows this software to auto-tag your photos.
  • Since so many photo sharers already utilize Facebook and Flicker, it only makes sense that this software is compatible with both sites.  Fotobounce photos can be uploaded to both Facebook and Flicker without the need for re-tagging the photos.  
  • Fotobounce is also compatible with Twitter.  You can send a single photo or an entire album to Twitter directly from Fotobounce.

The ad-supported version of Fotobounce can be downloaded for free for Windows and Mac users.  The version without ads is available for purchase on for $49.  Once you have downloaded the Fotobounce software, you can also install Fotobounce Viewer, a free application for Windows, Mac, and Android users that  allows the user to view photos sorted into albums or by face recognition tags.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Blackberry, compatible versions of Fotobounce will be introduced soon.  In the meantime, you can use Fotobounce Mobile for your on-the-go photo sharing needs.

To learn more about the Fotobounce software, visit,  Fotobounce on Facebook, and Fotobounce on Twitter