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For Better or For Worse: An "I Told You So" Moment

About a month ago, our whole family took a trip to the mall.  I remember that my husband had been on a job interview earlier that day.  The trip to the mall was typical and uneventful.  When we got back to the car, I noticed that he had left the GPS mounted to the dashboard.  I asked him if he was worried about someone breaking into the car to steal it.  He just dismissed me like I was being abnormally paranoid.

Then before we pulled out of our parking space inside the parking garage, we noticed a piece of paper stuck under our windshield wiper.  I figured it was an advertisement or a menu to a restaurant, but it was neither.  It was an unofficial ticket from mall security.  There was a big check mark next to the box labeled "Security Risk" and a note saying: "Do not leave GPS in plain view."