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Dad's the Word: SpongeBob and Me

My kids leave the TV on all the time. It is a multiple times per day occurrence to walk into an empty room and need to turn off the TV.

My Story:

Yesterday the kids were all upstairs playing and using their computers while I was on the couch in the living room lying down. Karen walks down the stairs and see’s the TV “still” on and tuned into SpongeBob from when the kids were watching it. Karen walks over and turns it off muttering, “They need to turn the TV off . . . ”.

Why is this story so special? Well . . . the kids DID turn off the TV before they went upstairs . . . I was watching SpongeBob! I didn’t say a thing.  I just sat there not wanting to admit it and let the kids take the blame. It’s about time they took one for the team . . .

Don’t tell Karen!