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Back to School 2011: SpongeBob Alarm Clock Radio

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a Silly Monkey Story about our 7 year old son and his new SpongeBob Alarm Clock Radio from Sakar International.  He actually received this clock radio about a month ago to review.  I thought it was perfect timing because he really needs to start using an alarm clock to wake him up on school days.

Like with any electronics item, our son feels like such a big boy to own one.  He is a huge SpongeBob fan and this is quite a novel alarm clock.  The fact that the top of SpongeBob's head is the snooze button will make this clock a hit with any fan.  It pops up when the alarm goes off and can easily be pushed down again to activate the snooze function.

This alarm clock is very much designed for a child.  The body of the clock is soft on its top and 4 sides.  There is no tuner dial for the radio, but rather just a scan button.  Most of the buttons are on the top of the clock radio and very few are on the sides.  Our son is very tech-literate, but even if your child is not, this clock is very user-friendly.

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Our son's thoughts about this SpongeBob Clock Radio . . . 

"I like it because I wanted an alarm clock that has a radio.  It's cool that it has a bunch of ways to wake you up.  Another reason why I like it is because it's squishy and, if it falls down, it won't get hurt.  I like the snooze button because it stands out in the middle of the alarm clock.  I like it because it shows the top half of his head and I like his eyelashes."

As a parent, I think this would make a good first clock radio for a child.  It even has iPod connectivity for slightly older children, college students, and adults.  There are a few different alarm choices, such as Seagulls, Foghorns, and more.  Personally, I prefer using the radio for the alarm because it is less "alarming" and repetitive.

You can find this SpongeBob Clock Radio at major retailers of Nickelodeon products, such as Toys "R" Us and

Thank you to Sakar International for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.

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