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Back to School 2011: Classic Mary Janes from Venettini Children's Shoes

As difficult as it is to believe that school will be starting up again in less than two months, I am looking forward to it.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love the weather and shopping for fall fashions is much more enjoyable to me than shopping for shorts.  If you end up purchasing only one pair of shoes for your little girl aside from athletic shoes, I highly recommend a pair of Mary Jane shoes.

This pair of Venettini Kids' Jazmin Mary Jane shoes in Lilac patent leather is one of the most versatile pair of shoes my daughter has ever owned.  Their classic styling allows them to be paired with a skirt, a dress, leggings, khakis, or denim.  I also love the neutral colors available for these shoes, proving that not everything needs to be pink to be girly.

I must admit that I was concerned that the moccasin-style stitching around the slightly narrow toe would be uncomfortable for my daughter.  She normally wears shoes with more rounded toes.  When she first put the shoes on, she thought they felt "funny," but after about 15 minutes, the soft leather turned out to be extremely comfortable for her.

One of the features I like very much about these shoes are the secure Velcro closure.  The Velcro spans the top of the foot and is not just a tiny tab on the side.  I also appreciate very much that the strap does not need to be threaded through the loop every time my daughter puts on these shoes.  That is a huge time-saver.

Two other features I love are the extra cushy ventilated arch supports built into the leather insoles and the bumpers on the back of the shoe.  Those little raised bumps are not just decorative, but they also help to prevent the back of the shoe from being scuffed up so easily.

The best feature about this shoe is the ultra-flexible rubber sole.  Not only is it super-comfortable, but it also ensures security for when our extremely active daughter is paying attention to everything besides the possibility of slipping.

My daughter did quite a bit of dancing and jumping in these shoes.  Comfort was definitely not an issue.  It has, however, been very hot and humid around here, which caused her to realize that the shoes made her feet too warm after awhile.  Of course, I do not expect this to be a problem during the fall season when the climate will be both cooler and drier, and she will be wearing socks or tights.

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Thank you to Venettini for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.