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Silly Monkey Stories: Hypochondriac-in-Training

Luke has been complaining that his throat hurts the last few days. No fever, cough, or any other symptoms. The only thing that can cure a sore throat, by the way is an ice cream shake . . . an absolute fact according to Luke.

Well, he had yet to score his ice cream shake by this morning and suddenly developed sever pain in his belly. The pain was in different spots depending on when you asked him. Apparently ice cream shakes cure sore bellies as well. Well by lunch time he realized his sore stomach strategy had backfired and the very last thing in the world he was going to get for it was a shake.

After explaining to him that ice cream shakes weren’t good for sore bellies Luke got up and said:

“My belly is all better! “

Then suddenly realizing there were some leverage chips still on the table he says:

“But my throat is still sore”

Luke got his ice cream shake and all his ailments are suddenly cured. You know what? Luke was right, it is an absolute fact that ice cream shakes cure sore throats...

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