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Silly Monkey Stories: If Only We Were At the Beach

Not too long ago, all 3 children came down with a nasty stomach bug.  Our 7 year old son had the most severe case and even ended up going to the emergency room due to being so dehydrated.  Our 4 year old daughter seemed to get over it the fastest.  Since her big brother threw up on her pillow, I took her to Target to buy a new one.  She said she was a little tired, but wanted to go anyways.  I figured a quick trip wouldn't be too exhausting for her . . . just a ride in the car and a ride in the shopping cart.

After I parked the car, we were walking hand-in-hand towards the store when she said to me . . .

"I wish I had a bucket."

Well, those are words I would not mind hearing if we were at the beach or fishing on a pier.  Standing in a Target parking lot, those were not the ideal words to hear.  So, she threw up right in the middle of the parking lot and then felt fine again.  We ended up going inside to buy a pillow quickly and I grabbed a large bowl from the dollar section for the ride home just in case there was a repeat performance.

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