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Review: Transformers "Beast Wars" Season 1 (4-Disc DVD Set)

I was in my mid 20's when Transformers: Beast Wars came out on TV and I missed it entirely. When Karen told me we were going to receive season one on DVD I was pretty excited. Not only because I now have an excuse to watch Transformers: Beast Wars as an adult, I can enjoy it for the first time with my kids.

Back when Transformers: Beast Wars was released on TV, it was state of the art CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). But today the animation is dated and clearly of a much earlier generation. I was worried that my kids would compare it to modern day CGI and not like it. I was very pleasantly surprised to see they it was not an issue at all. They were immediately engaged and never called any attention to the older CGI technology.

I actually feel the simple look and motion was even more appealing to them than the modern stuff. My 4.5 year old twins had no problem following along and keeping up with the fast moving graphics. The plot was easy for them to follow and Transformers: Beast Wars - Season One did an excellent job of not being too complex.

As a lifelong Transformers fan, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the nostalgia and loved sharing a world with my kids that I enjoyed myself when I was not much older than they are now.

The set includes the entire first season as well as some extras providing many, many hours of entertainment (10 hours total). My kids and myself were riveted, they for the entertainment and me for the memories. How often can parents and kids connect on the same entertainment? Transformers: Beast Wars – Season One is an excellent choice for any family with kids old enough to enjoy action and parents young enough to be kids again.

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