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Review: Time For Kids "Big Book of How"

Our 7 year old son is a huge fan of reading.  He likes books of all genres, but has a special interest in non-fiction books, such as the Guinness World Records books.  That is why I absolutely knew he would love the TIME For Kids "Big Book of How:  501 Facts Kids Want to Know".  Time magazine is known for it's excellent photography, so the amazing images coupled with hundreds of cool facts makes this the perfect book for any child who loves to learn.

This book covers facts about animals, how to stay safe, sports, science, transportation, food, outer space, the human body, and much more.  I really thought that the section on transportation would be at the top of my son's list, but when I asked him to show me the 3 favorite facts he learned about, all 3 were about animals . . . sharks, snakes, and spiders to be exact.

To say that my son loves this book would be an understatement.  Every time he sits down to read it, I always hear, "Look at this!" and "Come here and see this!"  I think I might have to put the Big Book of Why on his Christmas wishlist this year.

You can find the TIME for Kids Big Book of How at major book retailers, such as

Thank you to Time For Kids for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.