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Review: Old Mother Hubbard Home-style Dog Treats

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company started in Massachusetts over 80 years ago as a company producing healthy snacks for fishermen at sea. One day, a sailor threw one of his biscuits to his dog, who loved it, and a new idea was born. Today, Old Mother Hubbard bakes a wide variety of natural, delicious snacks and treats for dogs. They use all natural ingredients like chicken, cheese, apples, oats, and sweet potatoes and slowly oven-bake them to perfection.

Old Mother Hubbard sent us three of their many varieties (Classic Extra Tasty Assortment MiniSoft & Chewy Bitz Liver Recipe, and Mother's Solutions Skin & Coat) to try out, and my dogs were in love from the first bite. I was thrilled to see the ingredients on the packaging and for those ingredients to be healthy and natural. My dogs gobbled them up too and came back for seconds. And thirds. They preferred the soft and chewy ones over the crunchy bones, but certainly didn’t have any qualms with the bones.

You can buy Old Mother Hubbard dog snacks on their website,, Petsmart, Petco,, and many other retailers of pet supplies.

Thank you to Old Mother Hubbard for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.