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Review: "My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln" by Robert L. Bloch

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln by Robert Bloch (illustrated by John W. Ewing) is an imaginative children’s book featuring fictional Sam Harding and his best friend, Abraham Lincoln, when they were kids. It is based on many historical events, but also contains some stories from the imagination of Bloch as to what Abe Lincoln was like as a kid. Sam Harding chronicles the life of Abe in school, during play time, and as they grew up together and Abe became President of the United States.

This book is delightfully imaginative and unique and I really enjoyed it. Most of the school-age kids in my daycare loved it too, especially those who have learned all about our former President. The younger kids loved the pictures but found the book itself too wordy. I would recommend this for ages 5 and up.

You can buy My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln:  A Tale of Two Boys from Indiana at,, and other major book retailers for $13.95 or less.

Thank you to Robert Bloch for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.