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Review: Green Mountain Iced Coffee Made By the Keurig Mini Plus Brewer

I love coffee (who doesn’t?) and I especially love a good iced coffee in the summer. But one thing I hate is to make my own, so I buy my iced coffee. When I had he opportunity to try a Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System with a variety of Green Mountain iced coffee and tea K-Cups, I was excited. Although I rarely drink iced tea, the possibility of getting my iced coffee fix without needing to make an extra stop in the morning is like a winning lottery ticket.

The Keurig B31 Mini Plus Brewer is sleek and compact and looks nice enough to leave on the counter top all the time. Its operation is simple and was up and running in moments. The operation of the machine is not a great deal different than any other coffee machine except you do not need to fuss with filters and loose coffee.

Clean up was even less work than brewing. During the morning time rush the Keurig is a breeze . . . easy to use with virtually no clean up at all.  But how did it taste? The Green Mountain iced coffee was excellent, just as good as the stuff I buy. Excellent tasting iced coffee made easily from my own home is really what I wanted and both Keurig and Green Mountain delivers.

As excellent as my experience has been with ease of use and taste, I do have some reservations about the Keurig Mini Plus Brewer. It only accommodates small coffee cups.  To use my larger mugs, I needed to remove the base. I should mention the base is designed to be removed for larger cups, but I think the machine is just too small. I would need to keep the base removed all the time just to accommodate typical sized cups. Want to use a big travel mug? Tough luck. You will need to use another smaller cup and pour it into your travel mug afterwards. At some point the convenience gained from the novel Keurig concept and easy clean up gets lost in the inconvenience of not actually getting the coffee into the cup you want to use.

My overall impression? The Keurig B31 Mini Plus Brewer made excellent coffee, was a breeze to use, and clean up was as easy as it could be, but a few design shortcomings on cup compatibility make the Keurig B31 slightly less than perfect. If this brewer was a couple of inches taller this would be the perfect coffee machine.  This is not the machine to choose for brewing iced coffee or tea directly into a cup of ice, since that would require a taller cup to allow room for the ice.

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Thank you to Keurig for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.