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Review: Bright Starts Cotton Tale Portable Swing

I love babies, and I love things that make caring for a baby easier. The Cotton Tale Portable Swing by Bright Starts is one of the newest and most innovative swings they offer. It has super soft fabric, a removable head support for comfort, two reclining positions for the seat, six swing speeds and melodies, plus some new, neat features for parents. Featuring TrueSpeed technology, this swing automatically measures baby’s weight and adjusts the swing’s performance to provide a consistent swing speed as they grow.

I really love the look of this swing and think it’s the most attractive baby item I own. I love that it’s extremely quiet when swinging, has a removable toy bar, 5-point safety harness, is machine washable, and folds up very, very nicely for storage and traveling. 

It is very well made and babies will surely outgrow its 25 pound weight limit before it becomes worn, making it a great accessory for a daycare like mine or for parents to re-sell, gift, or save for future siblings. The padding in the center area also provides extra comfort around babies legs. It almost makes me wish I had a baby of my own to use in it. Almost.

You can buy the Bright Starts Cotton Tale Portable Swing online at,, Target, and Walmart. It retails for $59.99.

Thank you to Bright Starts for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.