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New 3G2S Series: Letters To Karen

Recently, my stress level had hit a new high.  Although I have known that I had needed to make some changes for a long time, I just cannot seem to get there.  Where is there?  Well, I need to get to a place where I am not exhausted all the time, where I have more time to spend with my husband and children, and where I can feel more serene (even if it's just for an hour a day).

Right now, I stay up until 1 or 2am almost every night trying to fit in all my responsibilities, which are:

Notice there is no "me time" listed in there?  I have thought long and hard, but I could not bring myself to give up any of the responsibilities listed above, so I am going to try to make some changes.  Some of these changes are ones I have attempted to make in the past, but have failed.  Maybe it will help me to hold myself to it if I put them in writing?
  1. Taking on less product reviews
  2. Telling myself that it is okay to skip a day of blogging now and then
  3. Getting ahead to where I can schedule posts in advance for Saturday and Sunday, so that I can take weekends off
  4. Focusing more time on the educational series I had previously begun . . . Play To Learn Diner and Kindergartner-in-Training
  5. Keeping reviews mostly focused on the two things I enjoy reviewing the most, which are educational/developmental toys and fashion.
The last change I am trying to make is adding this new series to this blog called Letters To Karen.  I have a series about my children called Silly Monkey Stories and one about my husband called For Better or For Worse, but I do not really write about myself directly.  In this series, I will write letters to myself about things I need to tell or remind myself about as far as being being a mother, wife, business owner, and blogger goes.

Hopefully, these changes will help me achieve the balance in my life that I so desperately need.

This is my favorite 1st grade art project brought home by our oldest son this past school year.  It was done during a unit they did on Japan shortly after the tsunamis of 2011.  I just love looking at it and wish we had a scene like this outside our back door.