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Letters To Karen: Stop Being a Pushover

Dear Karen,

You have to stop being such a pushover!  You can stand up to your children, your husband, and your parents, but you let a cat push you around?  How embarrassed would you be if anyone found out that your cat was picking on you the other morning?  That every time you tried to walk by the end of the bed to get to the bathroom, she would catch the back of your panties with her claw.  Then just to tease you, she would let go and then do it again when you tried to move . . . over and over again.  And for a second, you felt trapped because you didn't want to make a ruckus and wake up your sleeping family.

Seriously, aren't you ashamed of yourself?  You need to show that cat who's boss!  I mean, she must weigh a measly 8 pounds and you must weigh at least *cough* *cough*.  So it's fine to dote on her and give into her when she begs for food, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  Come on!  Are you a woman or a mouse?