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The Importance of Blog Statistics

This blog turned 3 a few months ago.  It was a milestone that prompted me to begin to reevaluate the direction it was going towards and how that lined up with my own needs as the owner, editor-in-chief, and main writer.  For a large portion of the first 3 years, I was highly obsessed with my web site statistics.  This is the reason why that is beginning to change . . .

After all these years, I think I can be considered an "established blogger" who has proven that I provide quality writing, whether it involves personal posts, product reviews, or other types of articles.  Although I do need to continue to monetize my blog in order to contribute to my household's finances, my goal is not to continue to increase my site statistics.  This was happening at the expense of the enjoyment I get out of owning this blog.  I have made the decision to loosely maintain my numbers and replace a portion of the reviews and giveaways I write with other content, such as educational activities for children.  I started reducing the number of giveaways I run a few months ago and, yes, my traffic has dropped slightly, but the ongoing series that I so enjoy writing are getting the attention they deserve from both my readers and myself.

I think ultimately, this change will be a positive one.  It may take awhile to prove this as my readers, both old and new, as they figure out if this site is one they would like to return to regularly.  It took me 3 years to realize that I just cannot please everyone as far as content goes, so I might as well make sure that at least one person is happy . . . me.