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Great Tips About Teaching Kids While Cooking in the Kitchen This Summer

On Wednesday, June 15th, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a Cooking Connections class on TheMotherhood with 9 other bloggers.  If you missed the virtual cooking class, you can read a summary of the tips, ideas, and recipes discussed by going to:  Reddi For Fun Summer Countdown.

Cooking is such a fun way to teach our children about math, science, telling time, nutrition, and much more.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas and picking up new ones for learning activities in the kitchen.

Based on the feedback I received from those who attended, I would say the class was a huge success.  The 30 minutes just flew by and was packed with great information and tips contributed by our hostesses, Cooper and Emily, as well as all the co-hosts and attendees.  I hope there will be another class coming up soon.