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For Better or For Worse: Cross-Dressing

We decided this morning to take the whole family to see Kungfu Panda 2 this evening.  The movie was scheduled to start at 5:20pm.  Before we left, I needed to take a shower and eat a light dinner.  While I did that, my husband got the kids changed from shorts to long pants and gave them a light dinner to eat.  Everything was a little rushed because . . . well, we are always in a rush when it comes to leaving the house with the kids because they always take their time to do pretty much everything.

My husband had put the boys in the car while I put a hairclip in my daughter's hair to keep it out of her eyes.  Then we left for the theater as quickly as we could.  We were cutting it pretty close, so I hopped out of the car at the movie theater to go retrieve our electronic tickets from the machine while my husband parked the car.  There was no line, so I got the tickets and waited by the entrance for my husband and children.  When I saw them walking towards the door, something did not look right.  Then I thought, "Why does Makenzie's pants look so short on her?  Did she have a growth spurt?"  Then I noticed that Luke's pants were cut funny.  They were tapered at the ankles and they were a bit long on him.  At that point, it dawned on me that my husband let the twins out of the house wearing each other's jeans!