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When Things Feel Out of Control, Reorganize What You Can Control

When things start to feel out of control in my life, I like to regroup and assess what I can do to make things better for the parts of my life that I actually can control. Things are pretty stressful right now.  Money has been tighter than it's ever been, our three children have been arguing far too much, and I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to handle my PR work, my 2 blogs, my style column on, and my other online obligations on top of taking care of my family.  I really do not want to give up any of the above, so what should I do?  Right . . . reorganize my office space.

My "office" is one wall of my husband's and my bedroom.  I have a writing style computer desk with two side-by-side shallow drawers located beneath the desk's top.  Above my desk hangs a mirror.  Seriously, could I have any less storage space?  What I need is a serious home office computer desk fit for a laptop-user with not one, but two hutches, like this Tribeca Loft Executive Desk from the Kathy Ireland Home collection.  Just think of all the clutter I could hide in those drawers!

Yes, I did mention that money is extremely tight right now.  I might have to settle for just replacing that mirror above my desk with some modest, but sturdy shelves.