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Silly Monkey Stories: Sleepwalker-in-Training

Although it hasn't happened for quite some time, my husband use to sleepwalk now and then.  He would do things like take a picture off the wall and lean it against the wall on the floor.  Then the next morning he would remember nothing about it.  Other times he would sit up and talk to me and not really be awake at all.

Why am I telling you this?

A few nights ago, I was washing up in the bathroom before heading off to bed, when our 4 year old son came into the hall looking upset.  He was half crying because it seemed like he wet himself a tiny bit.  It was not the first time this has ever happened, so I instructed him to finish peeing in the potty and then I would get him clean underpants and pajamas.

Instead of stepping up on the stool in front of the toilet, our son climbed up the step stool in front of the bathroom sink.  He stood there looking very confused.  I wondered if he was about to pull his pants down and pee in the sink?  I pointed out his error and he got down and finished his business in the toilet.

While he was doing that, I got him fresh clothes and put them on his bed.  Then I went to put the wet clothes in the hamper.  When I came back to check on our son, he was making sounds like he was having trouble.  Why? . . . Well, he was trying to pull his underpants on over his head!

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