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Send a Free Mother's Day Card to Support "Futures Without Violence"

This year for Mother's Day, thanks to Macy's Thank-A-Mom Movement, I was able to send a free e-card to an amazing mom I know and had $5 donated in her honor to Futures Without Violence courtesy of Macy's.  I was actually able to choose this charity out of five very worthy causes.

Futures Without Violence (formerly the Family Violence Prevention Fund) supports the prevention of child abuse, teen dating violence, and teen sexual assault.  As helpless as an adult who is subject to abuse must feel, I cannot imagine how a child in that situation must feel.  Every child deserves to receive love and support from those around them, giving them the chance to grow up into loving, caring, and well-adjusted adults.

Prompting a $5 donation can be done in 4 easy steps . . .

  1. Visit Macy's on Facebook and choose which cause you would like to support.  You can choose from Go Red For Women, Futures Without Violence, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Park Foundation, and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF).
  2. Select a card design or upload your own image.
  3. Add a message to your card.
  4. Choose to send the card to up to 10 moms on Facebook or as many moms as you like via email.

Macy's will donate up to $400,000 combined to these 5 charities during this campaign.  When you are all done, you will be invited to browse the Macy's Mother's Day Gift Guide, which is filled with great ideas for putting a smile on Mom's face on her special day.

Macy's sent a floral bouquet to a mom of my choice as a thank you for helping to spread the word about the Thank-A-Mom Movement.