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Review: "Patti Pelican and The Gulf Oil Spill" by Lynda Deniger

Salty Seas is a boat captained by Charlie. Charlie and his boat have a group of animal friends; Sammy Seagull, Patti Pelican, and Dottie Dolphin. In their series of books, they work together to teach a sense of community, friendship, hard work, and having fun. In Patti Pelican and The Gulf Oil Spill, Charlie is out for another day of shrimping when he gets a call about the oil spill. He tells his sea friends to find a safe place to get away, but gets worried when he doesn’t hear from Patti and Sammie. Once he finds them, they are covered in oil and Charlie must get them cleaned up and safe.

Patti Pelican and The Gulf Oil Spill by Lynda Wurster Deniger teaches children about a terrible time in our history and helps children learn empathy and the importance of valuing and preserving our natural habitats.

To learn more about the Salty Seas and friends, visit You can buy this at many major book stores or online. It retails for$19.95.

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