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Review: Hasbro Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Board Game

Like most kids, mine love to create things with Play-Doh. When we were offered the Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes game, I knew my family would love to be able to play it and give our opinion. This is not the first Play-Doh item we’ve reviewed, and this one lived up to our expectations as all Play-Doh products have.

The object of Smashed Potatoes is simple: get your Play-Doh character from the beginning to end, through the "Smash Factory", without being squished. It’s a simple but fun game for all ages. My sons, 9 and 4, loved playing it and even my husband and I found ourselves enjoying the game.

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You can buy many Play-Doh products, including Smashed Potatoes, on,, and other major retailers of Hasbro products. The Smashed Potatoes board game retails for approximately $19.99.

Thank you to Play-Doh for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.