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On My Father's Day Wishlist This Year . . . a New Grill!

You know, I do not think I have ever met a person in all of my 40 years that does not like to grill or eat grilled food. I think it is something primal about us, deep down inside us we are still linked to the first humans who used fire to cook food.

Is there anything better than marinated steak tips cooked so the edges are just slightly seared while the middle is still a little pink? Man I am salivating just writing that...

Well, grill season is here and it is time to talk grills! I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve when I think about buying a new grill this summer!

Stainless steel, powder coated, gas, charcoal, rotisserie, side burners, yippee! Just thinking about which grill will replace my old rusted out one gets me excited about grilling. I think this year I will consider a Weber gas grill from the Weber Genesis series. Although the Genesis line of gas grills aren’t inexpensive, they are of ultra-high quality and offer supreme performance. I think, for an appliance we use as much as a grill, cost is secondary to performance and longevity.

Last year I grilled up some veggies and tips that turned out so good I still think about them. I bought an aluminum disposable grill basket from the market and threw in cut up peppers (red, yellow, and orange) as well as red onions. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and cook until they just barely start to soften. MMMmmmMMMMMmMMM!